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The Gibson Trail (GT)
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Key Map - Gibson Trail

Highlights / Points of Interest:

  • Lumbering - in the 1990's
  • Bartley Creek - and 2 beaver dams
  • Forgotten Fall - listen for it!
  • High Falls -- stop for a refreshing shower.
  • Hurst Lake Pavilion - swimming and campsites.
  • Connections to - Cooper's Loop Trail (to North, Mislaid, and Moore Lakes); Hurst Lake Road & Dobson Trail (back to Kennabi Lake).

Average Hiking Time (Distance):
From the Rifle Range:

• To Bartley Creek - 30 minutes (1.6 km or 1.0 mi);

• To High Falls - 1 hour (3.2 km or 2.0 mi);

• To Hurst Lake - 2 hours( 6.4 km or 4.0 mi).

Descriptions & Directions:

This trail starts at the entrance to the rifle range and the new trail markers are blue.

The trail heads east then curves north for a short distance on an old and sometimes soggy, logging road. Here the trail crosses the Kennaway Road—please take care in crossing as this road is used by delivery trucks!

The trail continues along the gravel road on the north side of the Kennaway and is fairly straightforward until you get to the Bartley Creek.

Shortly along the road you will pass a gate across the road which marks the end of HSR property—please take extra care until you reach Hurst Lake so as not to jeopardize our hiking rights in this area.

After you pass the gate, take a look at the change in the forest as a result of the lumbering which took place in this area in the early 1990’s.

At Bartley Creek you can see one and sometimes two beaver dams on the east side of the road (and sometimes IN the road!) Down-stream from the road, are Forgotten Falls which are narrow but quite high. It is very difficult to walk to the falls but if you are quiet you should be able to hear them from the road.

The clearing past the stream was used for sorting and loading logs and as a gravel pit for the logging roads. As you reach this clearing, take the road to the left which crosses the clearing and starts downhill. Partway down the hill, the road once again splits and the trail follows to the right, slowly winding its way once again uphill. After levelling out, and taking several turns, the road reaches another fork and this time keep left. After a few hundred metres you should reach another grassy clearing.

The Trail continues to Hurst Lake straight across, but turn right to get to High Falls where the road winds
down a further 100 metres to a stream. High Falls will be visible (and audible) just downstream from the crossing.

Depending on the time of year, there will be more or less water going over the falls but it is always a cool and pleasant place to stop and rest or have your lunch. If you’re careful on the slippery rocks you can also cool off in the water at the bottom of the falls. Please don’t build a fire and take special care to not leave any litter.

When you’re ready to move on, head back the way you came until you get to the grassy clearing. From here you can either turn left and head back the way you came, or turn right and cross the clearing to go to Hurst Lake.

The trail here follows a not very well marked old logging log for most of the way before following the shoreline of Hurst Lake to the campsites located there.

At Hurst Lake you can camp overnight or continue to North Lake, Moore and Mislaid Lakes or return to Kennabi Lake via the Hurst Lake Road and the Dobson Trail.

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