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The J. C . Moore Memorial Trail (JC)
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Key Map - J C Moore Trail

Highlights / Points of Interest:

  • What can you find in a Wetland??
  • Minnie Lake
  • Beaver Dam on Drag River - a challenging crossing
  • Another view of Pikes Peak
  • The 'far west' of HSR - for intrepid backpackers only.
  • Mislaid Lake - camping and swimming
  • Connections to -- Pike's Peak Trail; Cooper's Loop Trail (on to North and Beaver Lakes and the Hurst Lake Pavilion.)

Average Hike Time (Distance):
From Hurst Lake Road

  • to Beaver Dam across Drag River 20 minutes (1.0km or .6 mi)
  • to base of Pikes Peak - 30 minutes (1.3 km or 0.81 mi);
  • to west end of Minnie Lake - 40 minutes (1.7 km or 1.06 mi);
  • to Dudley Road (near Drag Lake) - 1 hour/30 minutes (3.7 km or 2.3 mi);
  • to west entrance of JC Trail off Dudley Road - 1 hour 45 minutes (4.2 km or 2.6 mi)
  • to Mislaid Lake - junction with Cooper's Loop
    - 2 hours/45 minutes (6.2 km or 3.8 mi).

Descriptions & Directions:

The JC Trail is named for James C. Moore (known as "JC"), the person instrumental in finding the property, which was to become the Haliburton Scout Reserve, and Camp Ranger for 25 years from 1947 until his death in 1972. This trail provides some of the most challenging hiking and leads to the farthest points on the property.

The trail starts west at the Hurst Lake Road and "The Narrows", passes between the foot of Pikes Peak and the south shore of Minnie Lake, continues west to the far west of HSR property on Dudley Road near Drag Lake, then heads north east to join the Cooper's Loop Trail at Mislaid Lake. The new markers on this trail will be orange.

The trail starts on the west side of the Hurst Lake Road just south of "the narrows". It follows along the south shore of the marsh between Holland and Minnie Lakes (see What can you find in a Wetland? under the Hurst Lake Road Trail page). When you reach the east end of Minnie Lake, you will have to follow the Drag River downstream a little to a beaver dam where you can cross and return back upstream to continue along the south shore of Minnie. On your left, Pikes Peak rises steeply in a series of tree covered, rock terraces.

"Who Hath Smelt Woodsmoke" by KiplingAbout two thirds of the way along the lake, the Pikes Peak Trail (new blue markers) will join the JC from the left and will continue with it to the west end of the lake. Here the Pikes Peak Trail turns right (north) and the JC continues west on what is now a jeep road.

You should note that from the west end of Minnie Lake to the township road near Drag Lake (Dudley Rd), is the property of a private hunt club. For many years, we have had permission to hike through this land, so please don't do anything which might jeopardize this privilege!

The trail continues on this jeep road for about 2 1/2 km when it reaches a gravel township road (Dudley Road, running more or less north-south at this point).

Turn right at the gate and follow Dudley Road for about 3/4 km. This road is a recent addition and is not overly scenic. And please note that this is a busy road serving cottages and houses on Drag Lake. Plus it is narrow and has a number of blind curves, so don't forget the usual safety rules which should apply. You will shortly be back on Scout Reserve property (although there are no signs).

Eventually you will meet the portion of the JC Trail coming from Mislaid Lake, where it crosses the road from your right. (If you start to see driveways to cottages on your left, you've gone too far on Dudley Road.) This has also recently been used by loggers working in the northwest section of HSR. (Yes, Scouting is 'using it's resources' for the benefit of all, while trying to be good stewards of the environment.) You may follow the logging road / trail to the right (north onto HSR property) and continue along a little to a deep valley with what was a large gravel pit to your left.

Although not a great campsite, if you've hiked all this way you could use this as an overnight stop. You will have to be completely self-sufficient, bringing all your food and water, and be prepared to 'rough-it' on the gravel and rocks of the pit. Being in a hollow, there won't be much breeze and the "HSR Airforce" (a.k.a. "mosquitoes") will be a threat most of the summer. But any patrol hardy enough to take on the full JC Moore Trail must be made of sturdy stuff and one night of 'slight hardship' won't hurt. Maybe tonight you sit around a small campfire and gaze at the stars -- maybe the Northern Lights will make an appearance.

Scouts Canada use to own all the property on the south side of Dudley Road, down to East Bay of Drag Lake. It was a beautiful, large campsite with excellent swimming, even if it was a bit noisy with speed-boats from neighbouring cottages. Unfortunately not many groups were hardy enough to hike the JC Moore Trail this far, and the site seldom got used, except by local teens out for a late-night party. It was decided that Scouting could use the money from the sale of this prime cottage property, so in 2008 it was sold for $1.2 M. (Now a $4 M home sits on our old campsite.)

From Dudley Road to Mislaid Lake the trail can be followed but, as of 1992, it has been somewhat in disrepair. Early on it passes through an area which has been lumbered in recent years. Watch carefully for the markers and if you cannot locate the next marker, leave one person at the last marker and start searching in a circular pattern, which you can continue to increase until the marker is located. (See the INTRODUCTION pages of this website for more inforamtion on trail markers.)

When you reach Mislaid Lake you'll be approaching the southwest shoreline and the trail moves around the northwest end of the lake. The JC Moore Trail ends at the Cooper's Loop Trail where a small creek flows into the lake.

We hope to conduct renovations on this trail in the coming years.

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