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Mud Portage
Trail Photo

Key Map - Mud Portage

Highlights / Points of Interest:

  • Trapper's Cabin - see the description of this interesting Program activity.

  • What Can You Find in a Wetland??

Average Hiking Times (and Distances)

  • to swamp - 15 min + (0.6 km or 0.4 mi)

Description & Directions:

This trail is not used much any more, except as a short hike back to another wetland. If you've booked the Trappers Cabin program, come a bit early, or stay a bit later to hike the first part of the trail. It's also a nice evening activity after supper. (But keep an eye on the time, you want to be off the lake before curfew.)

To Get to the STARTing Point:

  • From your campsite, paddle to the Trapper's Cabin on the south shore of Kennabi Lake.
  • Land at the shore on the left side of the Trapper's dock and lift your canoes up and over the 'beach' to store them well back from the water's edge so they won't interfer with other groups coming and going.
  • The Trail starts behind the Trapper's Cabin. Remember, "A Scout is ,, courteous;" so you won't want to disturb any group involved in the program with the Trapper.

Imagine the early days of HSR -- At one time it was a challenging trip to use this portage to get canoes over into Yankton Lake, and then down a series of streams into Wilberforce Lake and the big willage of Wilberforce (population < 50 ).

Here's a story from Scouter Paul Burns, who first came to HSR as a Scout in the 1950's, and has been associated with the camp ever since, including being chairperson of the HSR Camp Committee, and is a member for the Staff Alumni Association.

During the first week of my first trip to HSR we went on a full day canoe trip to Long and Miskwabi Lakes to prepare us for the big trip to Wilberforce in the second week. The push through the beaver pond with its stinking mud and leeches was bad enough. After crossing Yankton and being buzzed by annoyed ospreys nesting on the south cliffs, we attempted the Mud Portage. Yes up to our mid sections! Finally our leaders decided it was impossible to get out to Grace lake and we decided to walk the Burleigh Road to Wilberforce. We must have been quite a sight by the time we arrived at the store there for our small reward. After a break we had to hike back to Yankton where we camped for the night and probably had the best sleep of our entire youth.

Go exploring, and send a report so this page of the Trail Guide can be updated.


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