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Outpost Campsites

Several designated campsites are located and maintained on other lakes throughout the property:

Hurst Lake, Moore Lake, Mislaid Lake,
Holland Lake
and North Lake(north & south).

To protect our land, and for a safe camp, please follow these simple rules:

  • Please camp only on these designated sites unless special arrangements are made with the Program staff.

  • If forest conditions permit, build small fires only in existing fire pits. Check with staff before leaving as to the current forest fire dangers.

  • It is preferable to use a small portable stove for cooking.

  • ENSURE fires are completely out before leaving. This is extremely important, since at most sites, fires could become very serious before being discovered.

  • No live trees are to be cut.

  • Drinking water should be carried with you, but lake water can be used for wash-up..

  • All garbage should be burned and/or carried out (Make sure all garbage such as unburned foiled is removed from the fireplace.)

Hurst Lake

"Hurst Lake Cairn"The main campsite is located on a rock promontory overlooking the southeast corner of Hurst Lake at the end of the Hurst Lake Road.

This is also the western trailhead for the Gibson Trail and is the northern trailhead for the Cooper's Loop Trail.

A 20' x 40' shelter (roof, wooden floor & half walls) is surrounded by pine trees and is situated overlooking the lake - a great place to watch spectacular sunsets. For those tenting, another excellent area for two or three patrols, can be found on the point to the northeast. Follow the Gibson Trail signs
across the small bridge then keep left.

On the opposite side of the shelter, near the start of the small creek to the south-west, is a cairn which dedicates this lake to the memory of Mr. Fredrick C. Hurst, first Haliburton Camp Committee Chair.

This area is also the start of the Cooper's Loop Trail which goes to Beaver, North and Mislaid Lakes.

Moore Lake

Previously know as Scraggle Lake, this lake was named in memory of J.C.Moore, Field Commissioner and Camp Ranger for 25 years and the person instrumental in locating the property and directing the organization and program in the early years of the camp.

There is a commemorative cairn located at this often overlooked campsite, located on a peninsula on the east side of the lake in a largely pine forest. Where the Cooper's Loop Trail turns left to Mislaid Lake, continue toward Moore Lake, then follow the trail to the left for about 200 metres to the campsite. This is a beautiful site which is nicely off the main trail, how-ever it is not particularly well suited for swimming.

Mislaid Lake

This is the most popular destination for overnight camps so if your plan to stay overnight, make sure you book with the program department at the Skipper's meeting if possible.

The main campsite is located about halfway along the northwest shore of the lake, and also provides an excellent, if less exciting, place to swim off a large rock area sticking out into the lake. It's also a great place to lie and enjoy the sun. A number of suitable areas for pitching tents can be found behind and on the hill side above this area.

Another popular swimming area is the large rock face which can be reached by the trail crossing the beaver dam at the east end of the lake.

Mislaid Lake can be reached from Hurst and North Lakes via the northern portion of the Cooper's Loop Trail, from Drag Lake via the northern portion of the JC Trail, from the Hurst Lake Road via Moore Lake and the southern portion of the Cooper's Loop Trail, and from Pike's Peak via the Pikes' Peak and ooper's Loop Trails.


Holland Lake

This lake is named for James Holland (or Hollen) who established a farm in this area in the 1860's.

A small campsite is located on the southwest shore of Holland Lake and is reached by a short trail from the Hurst Lake Road about halfway between the "Narrows" and the turn-off for Moore and Mislaid Lakes. A rowboat and oars are usually kept here for those who enjoy fishing. (If you plan to use the boat - don't forget your PFD's!)

This area is not really suitable for swimming.

Look for the large "floating island" which moves around this lake with the changes in water depth and strong winds!

North Lake

A rough campsite has recently been established on the south-east shore of this peaceful lake. Several rock tiers covered in pine needles overlook the water and swimming by small groups is possible at a couple of locations on the shoreline below.

This destination makes a good overnight stop for those looking for more of a challenge or a good day hike from Mislaid or Hurst Lakes.

Please note that only the most southern portion of this lake shore is owned by HSR.

North Lake is reached by the Cooper's Loop Trail from either Hurst Lake or Mislaid Lake. The campsite is reached by a short trail which follows the shoreline north from the CL.

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